Departments & Doctors


The surgical ward is headed by DR U TIN MYO WIN and is divided into two teams.  As per the figures of 2015, 927 patients underwent surgeries in this ward.  Additionally, 565 patients were treated for minor surgeries in the same year.

The following doctors render their services in this ward :

  1. Dr U Tin Myo Win
  2. Dr U Than Win
  3. Dr U Htet Myet
  4. Dr U Hoke Wam (anasthaesist)
  5. Dr U Min Zaw
  6. Dr U Win Thein
  7. Dr Daw Khin Tha Shan Zaw
  8. Dr U Zaya Min
  9. Dr U Win Zan
  10. Dr Daw Su Myat Naing


This department is headed by Dr Physician Daw Win Win Myint and is assisted by Physician Dr U Aung Aung, Dr Daw San San and Dr U Zaw Hla Tun as well as assistant Doctors. Annually about 400 patients are treated as in-patients. Most patients are treated for diabetes, hypertension and cardiac diseases.  Others are treated for asthma, bronchitis, urinary tract and kidney problems and other diseases.


This department is headed by Dr Daw Khin Win Kyu and the following doctors also give treatments :

  • OG Specialist Dr Daw Mya Mya Thein
  • OG Specialist Dr U Naing Win
  • Dr Daw Kyin Myint Hla
  • Dr Daw Yamin Maw
  • Dr Daw Aye Hnin Moe
  • Dr Daw Mawya Su Zar
  • Dr Daw Khin Thandar Oo
  • Dr Daw Su Myat Thin Naing
  • Dr Daw Khaing Yin Tint

This Ward takes care of normal labor as well as LSCS deliveries plus TAH & BSO (removal of uterus) and other OG related diseases. Those patients who require Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy are referred and sent to the Yangon General Hospital. Each year, about 1000 patients are admitted as in-patients in this ward.


This ward is headed by Eye Surgeon Dr U Ko Ko Tin and is assisted by Dr Daw Htwe Thandar Yi and various eye diseases are treated.  Also surgeries for cataract removal and other eye problems are carried out. About 280 patients are admitted as in-patients in this ward annually. In addition to the above mentioned in-patient wards, the same wards do have outpatient departments respectively in each of them to give treatments daily to the out patients.

(81) Eye Ward

(71 A)(61) Patients waiting for minor surgeries and scene of the minor surgeries being caried out.







General OPD

At the General OPD the following physicians and doctors attend to the patients :

  • Orthopaedic specialist Dr U Kyaw Htay
  • Psychiatrist U Maung Ko
  • Dental and Oral Health Dr U Khin Maung Lay
  • Dental and Oral Health Dr U Khin Maung Htwe
  • Dr Daw Thinzar Han Cho Oo
  • G P Dr U Khin Maung Tun
  • G P Dr U Than Naing
  • G P Dr Daw Su Yee Htay
  • G P Dr U Kyi Han (temporarily on leave)

In addition there are several assistant doctors at the Out Patient Department.


The laboratory is headed by Dr Daw Su Le Htay and carries out various diagnostic tests.  If required, we refer and sent to the Yangon General Hospital and other laboratories for further tests. (For example TSH etc).


This department is run under the following doctors:-

  • X-ray Specialist Dr U Saw Kyaw Aung
  • X-ray Specialist Dr Daw Khin Nyein Win
  • Dr Daw Khine Khine Kyaw
  • X-ray Technician U Khin Maung Myint
  • X-ray Machine Operator Daw Wa Wa Myint


This department is the latest addition to our hospital.

Dr U Min Swe Oo and Dr Daw Zar Chi Tun carry out haemodialysis.  Approximately 36 patients undergo haemodialysis every week.  The running cost for each patient at each session is between 30,000 to 40,000 Kyats and each session takes minimum four hours.  This service is provided only to those patients who are recommended by the Nephrologists.


We do purchasing of most of the medicines by tender system.  Besides that we also buy from several local importers after checking prices from various sources.  Usually each purchase is for stock of six months.  Thus we try our best to get the best prices.

For dispensing of the medicines to the patients, there are two dispensing counters. One is at the OPD department; the other is at the Hospital office.  The inventory list is maintained and updated on daily basis in a specially formatted computer software.

Medicines prescriptions by the doctors and physicians given to the patients are presented at the computer department.  There the issuing invoice is made and with that the medicines can be taken out at the medicine dispensing counter.  To ensure that the patients have taken the medicines, the empty bottle/strip/blister is produced by the patient at the time of taking out the medicines for the subsequent times.