Services Offered

The hospital accepts 4 types of in-patients and also have the out-patient departments related to them, as well as dental and psychiatric outpatient departments.

Very recently, thanks to very generous donors, we were able to add a Haemodialysis Department to the services offered by the hospital.

The hospital treats from 200 to 250 outpatients daily.

This hospital is one of the first NGOs to offer free medical treatment and medical relief to the poor and needy.

This hospital was at one time renowned as one of the best hospital for treatment of eye diseases. Leading eye doctors and surgeons were treating the eye patients. People including monks from all over the country came for eye treatment, including cataract-removal surgery.

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In addition to giving medical treatment and medical relief the hospital also offers the following services too.

– Ambulance services
– Hiring of Oxygen Cylinders for patients at home
– Hiring Mucous suction equipment
– Hiring of Hospital beds
– Walk assisting equipment
– Wheel Chairs

The hospital provides meals daily for those who, for various reasons, are unable to arrange for their food.

The hospital provides drinks such as Horlicks, Ovaltine and nutrients such as eggs, etc., to the needy in-patients.

If there is no one to look after patients after they have been treated and are to be discharged, the hospital arranges for them to be admitted to elderly care institutions.

The hospital undertakes burial arrangements for those patients who have died and have no one who can afford to do so.

The hospital takes care of abandoned infants who are brought to the hospital and arranges for them to be legally adopted by responsible and loving people. Similar arrangements are also made for infants abandoned after being born in the hospital.

The hospital had for the past 30 years offered nurse-aid training courses free of charge to girls of all communities.